Why us


In a constantly changing environment, where people easily replace products out of convenience, we believe that providing companies with solutions to retain their assets is essential to guarantee continuity.


We believe that continuity is the bases of all companies. Continuity provides the security to develop your business, your people and your future. Being and staying one of the most specialized suppliers of continuity in the electronical field is not only our dream or our goal, it’s what we believe.

Your advantages

  • Continuity guaranteed
  • Quick response
  • ISO 9001-2015 certified company
  • IPC-7711/7721 certified engineers
  • Authorized Honeywell Service Centre
  • Preferred Supplier for Honeywell
  • Extended warranty: one year warranty after repair
  • Order tracking
  • Service contracts
  • Emergency delivery
  • Flexible attitude
  • Brand-independent

Our added value                

In the tender phase
When you are in a tender phase with your client, you are always looking for the best solution. Not only for your customer, but for your own business as well. Contell is not only one of Honeywell’s’ preferred suppliers, but also has a great deal of knowledge, especially regarding systems your customers have been working with for the last 10, 20 up till 30 years. This means that if you meet a customer that not only needs new equipment, but wants a total solution for his automation, please contact us. We have full skilled engineers who are always up for an electronical challenge. Not only can we analyze the problems, but we can come up with different solutions, because of our own expertise. As a customer of Contell you can use our knowledge. And if we can come up with a solution that suits your customer best, we can help you to develop the solution you need.

You’re in business
Congratulations… you won the tender and you may execute the project.
But then…
you need to make a planning
you want to deliver
you want to be sure that there is a back up

The song goes: “don’t worry be happy”. But because you are responsible for the job (the first one to turn to in case of a problem) we would say: “do worry, but be happy”. We have a tremendous experience in planning together with our customers, we can hold controlled stock and can deliver in time because of our enthusiastic and specially trained engineers.

And then…
You dealt with the first two challenges your customer came up with, now you can relax…. Or are you still worried. Maybe you’re not worried but your client pays you to worry about their continuity. This means that you need to make sure there’s a reliable back up. Then it’s good to know that we can help you out.

We repair and refurbish old or damaged parts, we can check the stock at your client and we can also keep a controlled stock at our place. We can deliver parts that are obsolete, so your customers can continue their business. We provide you with custom made service level agreements that can help you to maintain your leading position at your customer.

Our expertise

Contell is specialized in maintaining automation systems in industry and buildings.  Determine your selections in the menu and see for yourself that our unique services will remove the worries of keeping your system up and running from your shoulders.

Building automation

From indoor climate control to access management systems for homes and building automation, Contell guarantees reliable operation. This includes also systems no longer supported by the manufacturer. Contell is particularly experienced in working with these. Our testing system setup with older equipment is unique. It allows us to test and perform simulations with your system. This is how we make sure your instruments continue to function reliably. Contell does not perform installation work, but businesses that do, can count on us for the service and repair of the equipment they are installing and maintaining.

Industrial automation

You also know how important it is for your automated process to work consistently Replacing hardware and/or software is often very costly. Contell makes sure the lifespan of your automated system is extended. We have years of experience with equipment which are no longer supported by the manufacturer. It is a unique business! Because of our extensive experience, we know when a part has reached the end of its lifespan. We will not only replace this part, we will also test and monitor all the other parts to guarantee problem-free functioning. Contell has a unique selection of older systems at its disposal to run test and simulation programs. In this way, risks are kept to a minimum.

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If you have any questions about repair or obsolete parts please contact us.