Repair, parts and solutions for your automation.

Continuity guaranteed.


We repair Instruments mechanically and electronically. We also do reapairs at components level (traditional and SMD) 

such as Honeywell recorders....


We sell new, refurbished, and obsolete parts. Besides selling parts, we also produce phased out products (by order of the customer), and buy parts from....


We are always looking for the right solution, to help our customers, solve continuity issues. Therefore we DEVELOP: Migrations kits, for instance: HPEP and....

Welcome at Contell Asset Support

Contell makes sure that automation of industrial sites and buildings functions and keeps on doing so. We repair, maintain, test and manage equipment in electronic automation systems that control existing hardware automatically. Of course, we make sure that new systems operate reliable, but we are particularly focused on older installations. Contell has unique knowledge and longtime experience with the systems that are no longer supported by their manufacturers.

Our expertise

Contell is specialized in maintaining automation systems of industry and buildings. Determine your selections in the menu and see for yourself that our unique services will remove the worries of keeping your system up and running from your shoulders.