We are always looking for the right solution, to help our customers, solve continuity issues. Therefore we:

  • DEVELOP: Migrations kits, for instance: HPEP and DELTANET, equivalents, redevelopment of phased out products, offering alternatives
  • PRODUCE: Phased out products, equivalents, improving existing designs, PCB’s, housings, chip programming
  • DELIVER: Custom made delivery, temporary solutions
  • HOLD STOCK: maintaining external (audited) stocks, exchange of instruments or modules for emergency repair, inventory (overall solution to maintain spare parts)


We are constantly in contact with our customer, to make sure that we know what’s on their minds. Together we think about solutions in the tender phase, make sure that we produce the desired improvements and guarantee an in-time delivery. All our solutions are custom made. These solutions are possible due to our flexible working standards.

Your advantage

  • Profitable solutions
  • Reliable solutions
  • Tailor made solutions
  • Fast solutions
  • Professional care and support
  • Warranty on all parts
  • ISO 9001 – 2015 certified


  • Leading position in the tender phase, through expertise
  • Reliable time schedule for delivery
  • Quick and profitable solution for you, or your customer’s, problem
  • A satisfied customer


1. We developed, and produced an HPEP migration kit, to make sure that our customer can still use the existing infrastructure, together with the new installed component.

2. One of our customers asked an offer for 400 parts (€ 299,- per piece). Due to the large up-front investment, our customer almost got a heart attack. We asked our customer in what time frame the parts where needed. At this moment we supply our customer, buy delivering 25 pieces a quarter during a 4-year contract. Result: securing automation on a custom-made level. Guaranteed availability. In time delivery. Affordable solution.

3. Our latest example comes from a Building Automation company, that had a customer with the same problem with one part, over and over. The automation-system itself worked great, but there was a mechanical problem that was responsible for the defect part. We solved this problem, by producing an improved model of the housing. Result: no more issues regarding electronical or mechanical problems with these parts for this customer. No additional investments for new systems, but a quick and cheap solution.

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*click on the IPC or ISO logo to view the certificate

If you have any questions about repair or obsolete parts please contact us.