Building Automation

Building Automation

Contell is specialized in the field of Building Automation. From indoor climate control to access management systems, Contell guarantees reliable operation. This includes also systems no longer supported by the manufacturer. Contell is particularly experienced in working with these.

 Our testing system setup with older equipment is unique. It allows us to test and perform simulations with your system. This is how we make sure your instruments continue to function reliably. Contell does not perform installation work, but businesses that do, can count on us for the service and repair of the equipment they are installing and maintaining.

Testing and Measuring

Our extensive testing and measuring facilities will provide perfect diagnostics. In addition, because of our experience with your system, we know which parts have reached the end of their practical lifespan. Our maintenance services therefore provide maximum security through preventative replacement
, equipment refurbishment
, placing replacement equipment, testing with one year warranty
, measurements
, diagnoses
, programming (E)proms
 and maintenance contracts.

Parts and Maintenance Services

Besides the capability to execute your normal order perfectly, Contell also offers parts and maintenance services. This means we keep your spare parts in stock, and deliver within 24 hours. Your costs will reduce significantly, and stagnation risk levels are kept to a minimum. 
Other services are helpdesk via telephone and email, order tracking
, emergency shipments
 and equipment rentals.

Repairing old and new Products

Old and new products and systems are repaired both electronically as well as mechanically. This includes at parts level (traditional and SMD) repairs.


Contell stocks and sells new and refurbished products and parts for Honeywell systems, such as EXCEL Classic
, Deltanet
 and MIC 100.

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If you have any questions about repair or obsolete parts please contact us.