Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

You know how important it is for your automated process to work consistently. Replacing hardware and/or software is often very costly. Contell makes sure the lifespan of your automated system is extended. We have years of experience with equipment, which are no longer supported by the manufacturer. It is a unique business! 

Because of our extensive experience, we know when a part has reached the end of its lifespan. We will not only replace this part, we will also test and monitor all the other parts in order to guarantee problem-free functioning. Contell has a unique selection of older systems at its disposal to run test and simulation programs. In this way, risks are kept to a minimum.

Testing and Measuring

Our extensive testing and measuring facilities will result in perfect diagnoses. In addition, because of our experience with your system, we know which parts have reached the end of their lifespan. Our maintenance services therefore provide maximum security through preventive replacement
, refurbishing equipment
, product substitution
, calibration
 and testing with one year warranty
, measurements
, diagnostics
, programming (E)PROMS and maintenance contracts.

Spare Parts in Stock

Besides conventional service, Contell also offers a parts management service. We will keep your spare parts in stock, and deliver them within 24 hours. This will reduce costs significantly, and minimize any risk of stagnation.

 Other services are helpdesk via telephone and email
, order tracking
, emergency shipments
 and equipment rental.

Repair Honeywell

Old and new instruments are repaired mechanically and electronically. We also do repairs at parts level (traditional and SMD) such as Honeywell recorders (DPR, VP121, VP131, Miniprint, Servoline Amplifier)
, Honeywell transmitters and communicators (ST3000, STT 300, SFC, CL141)
, Honeywell controllers (AL/CL, CL74, CL84, CL94,UDC, Minipak, Vumatic)
, PLC systems (IPC 90, 300, 620), Siemens S5, Staefa, Landis & Gyr
, DCS systems (TDC 3000, LCN), safety barriers (also for rent)
, E/P positioners
. Peripherals
, printers
, monitors
, keyboards
, power supplies sales.


Our refurbished products and systems have been tested extensively, that is why we can offer one year warranty, as we do for new products and parts.

 Our offering includes Honeywell TDC Controllers
, Basic (spare) controllers, Extended (reserve) controllers, multifunction (reserve) controllers, high level PIU’s, low level PIU’s, low energy PIU’s, battery back-up, highway traffic director (HTD), data highway port (DHP), auxiliary file cards. Peripherals, keyboards, disc drives, screens, printers, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
, IPC 300, IPC 600, Series 9000

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*click on the IPC or ISO logo to view the certificate

If you have any questions about repair or obsolete parts please contact us.